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                               Welcome to

GPATOnline is best platform for you to learn and prepare for the GPAT / NIPER like pharma examinations.

Here is how you can make best use of our site:

1. In order to use sites all features you need to register to our site.
    To register on gpatonline Click Here.
        Registration Process:
        A. Depend on your requirement we have prepared various GUIDE Plans to Select.
        B. For Basic or Premium Guide / plan you need to make a payment.
            For Payment you can use the options available
        C. You will recieve a email for verification with a link.
        D. Once your account is verified you will be asked to create a password.
             You are account is now activated.
2. Once you logged in to
        You will be redirected to your Dashboard.
         what is dashboard?
         Dashboard is summary view of all your latest activities.

3.Now you decide which subject you want to start learning? or topic you want to start testing your knowledge.

4. To start learning create a Test with the subject / topic you have decided. You can select the number of questions out of available questions and create a test. If you want to test your subject knowledge you can Start Test directly. However we recommend you to study and then appear for the test. if you do not have suffiecient time you can start learning for the test. you can click on "Start Learn".

5. After completing your test, our auto analyser tool will present you the result. Which depicts your week points and topics etc. Using this you can restudy the subject and again apear for the same test.You can create any number of test with available question bank in your account.

6. Every time you creat a test it will pick up the questions which are not selected in previous tests. i.e. Every test will have unique questions.

7. After finishing test you can find out your mistakes. System will also tell you the correct answers.

8. Experts Advice:

     What is Experts Advices?
     There are many situations where you do not find the answers for your doubts or questions easily. Gpatonline have provided a facility to ask your such doubts and questions to our experts. They will advice / answer your questions as soon as possible. Your all doubts and questions will be kept privately between you and gpatonline team.

9. Community Posting:

    Community Posting is a feature where you can start communicating with other users on the gpatonline. If you have any good ideas or points or news to discuss with others you can post the details on community.
   Note: content posted by you is shown on site only after verified and approved by administrator.

10. Site also provides you lot of other features:

     News and Alerts for the events, exam schedules, new happenings in the area of pharmacy. etc. Registering with our site enables you to recieve these details automatically to your email-inbox.

    Site is also filled with lot of other information usefull to you e.g mpharm college list, phd reasearch center list, tips for examinations and many more.

if you still have any problems/queries or suggestion you can call us at 9970586484
 OR email us at


Wish you all the best!


GPATOnline Team