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Career Path after B. Pharm

Above survey clearly indicates that most B. pharm students select their career in marketing, pharma industry, clinical research and Higher education like M. pharm / MBA or M. S. While rest select career in academics, pharmacist and entrepreneur.     

Pharmaceutical industry : 

Research and development

 R and D serve as a major pharma industry department   and gives better career. R and D department involves drug discory , formulation and development, synthesis of new entity, evaluation by preclinical and clinical phases and so on.

Production :  

Pharmacy graduate can work as a production person, chemist, Production Manager, officer, executive, manager, Director, President, Vice-president etc. involved in the production of dosage form and policies, research in different areas. Pharmacy professionals also have opportunities in production of ayurvedic preparations and veterinary products as well as bulk drugs and cosmetics.

Quaity assurance / Quality control

Quality and purity of drugs /dosage forms are required for human use. Identification and characterization of these are required in production, storage and during the handling of finished product. Quality control and quality assurance have assumed enormous importance in view of current GMP regulations.

Regulatory affairs 

In the current scenario pharmacy graduates and postgraduates are in high demand for patent filing and global expansion of drug manufacturing activities. The job opportunities for Pharmacy graduates are excellent in the regulatory body governing and implementing the rules and regulations for the pharmaceutical industry.


The Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing is a highly technical field and offers excellent opportunities for the pharmacy graduates. The  companies prefer pharmacy graduates for this job, as they have a good  knowledge about the drug molecules, their therapeutic effects and the drug – drug interactions. pharmacist can acquire following position in marketing department.

Product Management

Medical Representative 

Area Manager

Higher education

M. Pharm 

It’s a  two year full time post-graduate course. M. pharm offers specialization in various streams like Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical analysis, Quality assurance, Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and many more.

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management 

2-Years, Full Time or 3 year, part time course available in various management colleges in India. MBA (Pharma Management) is industry-specific program prepares Pharmaceutical Executives with the knowledge and skills required to lead the industry in the 21st century. 

Clinical Research

BA/BE studies (Bioavailability and Bioequivalence)

BA/BE studies involves compaision of the test product with the product which is already in market(Reference). The PK parameters included Cmax, AUC, Tmax, elimination rate constant.  B. pharm graduate have sound knowlage  about biopharmaceutics and its related terms hence he/ she fit with such BA/ BE studies.

Clinical trial

The human testing phase is called the clinical trial. A pharmacist can work as clinical research associate or clinical pharmacist and can rise to the position of project manager. The clinical research associate plays an important role of monitoring and overseeing the conducts of clinical trials, which are conducted on healthy human volunteers. They have to see that the trials meet the international guidelines and the national regulatory requirements. 

Pharmacovigilance (PV) and Clinical data management (CDM)

PV relating to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products. Now a days, major IT sector companies involves in field of  PV and CDM like TCS, cognizant, Wipro etc.

Medical writer / coder

Medical writing involves communicating clinical and scientific data and provides information in various types of formats, its constmised scientific  data according to the requirement. 



community Pharmacist 

chemist and pharmacist

Teaching  at D. pharmacy colleges 

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