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How To Prepare In Last Week of GPAT Examination ?

Last week of the exam preparation guidelines:

  • Microbiological assays – Refer Indian Pharmacopoeia for the detail Microbiological assays
  • IP assay and appendices 
  • Formula’s of: Bio-pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical analysis, Physical pharmacy 
  • Principles of various laws from physical pharmacy. 
  • Tables / schematic representation and figures of all subjects
  • Basic rings of all major drugs Structures of most of prototype drugs 
  • All Schedules from Pharmaceutical jurisprudence 
  • Classifications of drugs for treatment of all pharmacological activities (ref. KD Tripathi) 
  • Enlist the drugs which are inhibitors of specific enzymes Concentration / names of all additives used in various dosage forms and cosmetic preparations 
  • IR, UV ranges, list of detectors used in IR UV, NMR, Mass spectroscopy and also from chromatography techniques. 
  • Enlist the pharmacognostic drugs which have particular type of stomata or trichomes. 
  • Biological source and families of all major drugs Biosynthetic pathways. 
  • Pharmaceutical calculations

Hope this information will boost your GPAT Score……

Best Of Luck…. 
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