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Question of the Day
Concept of the Week

  • Spurious drugs and Adulterated drugs

    Spurious drugs:
    a drug shall be deemed to be spurious—
    (a) If it is imported under a name which belongs to another drug; or
    (b) If it is an imitation of , or a substitute for, another drug or resembles another drug in a
    manner likely to deceive or bears upon it or upon its label or container the name of another
    drug unless it is plainly and conspicuously marked so as to reveal its true
    character and its lack of identity with such other drug ; or
    (c) If the label or the container bears the name of an individual or company purporting to be
    the manufacturer of the drug, which individual or company is fictitious or does not exist; or
    (d) If it has been substituted wholly or in part by another drug or substance; or
    (e) If it purports to be the product of a manufacturer of whom it is not truly a product.

    Adulterated drugs:
    A drug shall be deemed to be adulterated,–
    (a) If it consists, in whole or in part, of any filthy, putrid or decomposed substance; or
    (b) If it has been prepared, packed or stored under insanitary conditions whereby it may have
    been contaminated with filth or whereby it may have been rendered injurious to health; or
    (c) If its container is composed in whole or in part, of any poisonous or deleterious substance
    which may render the contents injurious to health; or
    (d) if it bears or contains, for purposes of colouring only, a colour other than one which is
    prescribed; or
    (e) If it contains any harmful or toxic substance which may render it injurious to health; or
    (f) If any substance has been mixed therewith so as to reduce its quality or strength.

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